APGI Hot Topic Day 3D Printing in Pharmaceutics

A session of the upcoming APGI Hot Topic Day on 3D Printing in Pharmaceutics will be dedicated to the Site Drug project. The APGI (Association de Pharmacie Galenique Industrielle) (www.apgi.org) is an international association dedicated to activities in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Delivery.

3D Printing is a novel manufacturing procedure which has a very promising potential for the production of future drug products. Importantly, it offers the possibility to “customize” innovative medicines: For example, the administered drug dose and drug release rates can likely be personalized for each patient. It is telling that in our societies we are used to have a broad choice of standard sizes and shapes for our clothes, but generally only a very limited choice of dose strengths of medicines.

This “Hot Topic Day” will give on overview on the current state of the art in this rapidly evolving field and point out possible bottlenecks and strategies how to address them. Technical aspects will be treated, but also clinical applications and quality control tools. The entire spectrum: from the basic concepts, technical manufacturing features, the portfolio of suitable excipients (especially polymers), quality assurance and treatment of patients will be covered.

One of the key speakers of this event is Prof. Abdul Basit from the University College London. He is also a partner of the Site Drug consortium and world-wide leading expert in the field of “colon-targeting” (site-specific drug delivery to the colon).

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the event will be held online.

Please have a look at the following website for more details: